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It is so easy to install a home alarm system and then forget about it. The reality is that it should be serviced at least every 2 years. Your insurance company may even require regular servicing. If you have an alarm that you don’t use, or are unsure of, give us a call and we can get it working for you.

Our Service Offer

for just $180 + GST you get:

  • Our transport costs to and from your home (within Christchurch City).
  • 1/2 hour technician labour.
  • FREE Replacement Battery ($60 value).

If you’ve never used your alarm before, this is usually plenty of time to get it working again for you. We can re-program and provide new codes for your alarm system, as a part of this service.

If we find any issues with your system we will discuss any further action and costs with you before we proceed.


We service a wide range of home alarm systems