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Construction and building sites face a unique range of security issues, including accidents, vandalism, and theft of equipment and materials such as timber, steel, copper pipes and wire.

Installing an expertly planned construction security system throughout the building or construction site is a critical step for ensuring site safety and security. Our advanced CCTV systems can monitor building sites under construction during off-hours through advanced processing of video from surveillance cameras. CCTV systems can automatically detect people and vehicles as they approach the site, marking and tracking them with coloured box identification within the images. The software recognises people and vehicles automatically so you can know exactly who is on-site – and who shouldn’t be there.

With professional CCTV security systems, construction companies and contractors can concentrate on providing staff with a safe workplace, and should an incident occur, you will have recorded footage of the event to support any investigations.

Some of the benefits of construction video surveillance include:

  • Reduce construction site theft
  • Keep out petty criminals and intruders
  • Affordably increase & supplement current security measures
  • Ensure a safe working space for employees
  • Monitor construction process to increase efficiency
  • Professional monitoring by trained experts
  • Check up on your construction site from your smart phone

Security Matters provide a range of solutions to provide a custom construction site surveillance solution that’s right for your security needs. including turnkey security alarms with surveillance cameras and other equipment plus live monitoring by trained security professionals, we work to provide a cost effective security solution for your business.