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Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if a fire started in your home, regardless of whether you are at home or not, the fire brigade would be on their way in minutes?
That is exactly what we can offer you. For a limited time, we are offering Free Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors with any newly installed system that is also connected to our monitoring service.

We guarantee that all alarm signals received will be actioned within 90 seconds. So when we install a hard-wired smoke detector, if that detector activates, our staff will phone your house within 90 seconds of receiving the signal. If there is no answer, the Fire Brigade are dispatched directly.

For a basic, hard-wired install with 3 motion sensors, we will include the first hard-wired smoke detector free of charge. For every 2 additional motion sensors installed, we will include an additional smoke detector, absolutely free.