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Security Matters is not only committed to protecting homes, but business as well. We offer a range of business security systems to meet the needs of most businesses including CCTV surveillance cameras, alarm systems, remote monitoring services and compliance fire alarms.

Security Where You Need It

Did you know every year New Zealand businesses lose millions of dollars to employee and staff theft? Unfortunately, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to employee theft, but many business owners do nothing because they think security is too expensive.

Health and Safety

With professional CCTV security systems, commercial business owners can concentrate on providing customers and staff with a safe place to work, and should an incident occur, you will have recorded footage of the event to support any investigations.

Some of the advantages of commercial security systems include:

  • Reduce annual theft losses
  • Prevent break-ins
  • Deter internal theft by employees & contractors
  • Monitor day-to-day operations
  • View facility while off-site on a smartphone or tablet
  • Improve customer and staff safety