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Alarm Smartphone Control

ifobLike most things these days, alarms are getting smarter. We now have a range of options available that allow you to control your alarm using a smartphone. With apps available for iPhone and Android devices, it’s now possible to access your alarm and control it, as well as viewing status and history of what’s been happening.

Not sure if you’ve set the alarm? No worries, log in and check. Maybe forgot to close the garage door or gate? Easy, just login and trigger it to close. Or open it to let someone deliver something into your garage for you, from anywhere! Then close it and set the alarm when they’re gone.

We can even switch anything powered by mains power. So you can turn on the hot water at the bach before you leave home, so it’s ready to go when you get there!

Talk to us today about how you can control your alarm, and your home, with a click of your smartphone.

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