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Pet Friendly Alarm Systems

We understand that lots of people have pets that have access to their house while they’re out, but they still want to alarm their homes. Having pets certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t have an effective alarm system. We have a range of options that allow you to still protect your property, without concerning your furry friends.

The easiest option is to use ‘pet-friendly’ motion detectors. These super-smart motion sensors are able to tell the difference between a small animal, or a larger one – like a human! They will pick up your pets, but won’t activate the alarm at all. However, as soon as a human walks in the room, they will trigger the alarm right away. This option is perfect if you have cats or small dogs. The Bosch ‘Pet-Friendly’ detector is a market-leading product, and the┬ácost to upgrade to this detector from a standard one is fairly minimal.

We also have options such as magnetic door switches (‘reed’ switches), or glass-break and impact detectors, and perimeter detection devices.

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